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Special Needs Survey

Special Needs Survey

Special Needs Application – Click HERE

The Emergency Evacuation Assistance Program is designed for people with special needs living at home that need assistance with evacuation. Eligible applicants have a medical condition that requires specialized sheltering not available in a hurricane evacuation center. Residents of assisted living facilities or nursing homes do not qualify.

The registry may be used for any emergency requiring evacuation, such as flooding, hurricanes or hazardous material spills, such as gas leaks. Resources are limited and those persons registered will have priority when an emergency arises.

Do not wait until an evacuation begins to request being added to the registry.

Shelters will only be available as a last resort for people who have no other place to go. If you need to evacuate, you should first seek shelter with relatives, friends or community organizations. Special Needs Shelters do not offer the same level of care or equipment available at health care facilities. Only basic care and assistance are available. Cots and beds are provided on a limited basis. A caregiver should accompany you and remain with you during your stay in the shelter.

Supplies and food at Special Needs Shelters are limited. You must bring a disaster kit that includes bedding, medications and personal supplies (food, water, and medical equipment). It is highly recommended that you eat a meal prior to leaving your home and bring special dietary foods with you.

All sections of this application must be completed. Your health care provider must complete and sign a portion of this application prior to submitting it to our office. If more than one person in your household needs assistance during evacuations, each person must complete a separate application. Special instructions will be mailed to you once your application has been processed. Read these instructions carefully and keep them in a safe place. Prepare wisely and stay alert to the media for evacuation times during emergencies.

You will be contacted on an annual basis to re-certify your need for this program. You do not need to complete an application every year. If you have questions or need further information, please call the Wall Township Police Department at 732-449-4500.

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