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Get Smart about Drugs and Just Think Twice

DEA Websites Provide Drug Facts for Youths, Parents, Educators & Caregivers

Wall Township Police is not only a very effective law enforcement agency, but it is also committed to reducing the demand for drugs with our community. As part of this effort, we urge you to educate yourself about current information on the prevalence of illicit drug use and the negative health effects of illicit drugs. Please join this collaborative effort and review the websites provided below:

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) maintains two web sites to provide information on the harmful effects of drugs. The website, www.JustThinkTwice.com targets youth and the website www.GetSmartAboutDrugs.com, targets parents and caregivers.


  • The sites are designed to provide the facts, not add to the hype. The facts are powerful enough in and of themselves—drugs are harmful to one’s health and dangerous, particularly when they are abused.


  • The DEA’s teen website www.justthinktwice.com provides a wealth of information about various drugs including a section on the facts and fiction about drugs, the consequences of using drugs with topics on addiction, impaired driving, and true stories of teens that have had drug problems. Descriptions of specific drugs, e.g., marijuana, nonmedical use of prescription drugs, spice/k2, bath salts, and heroin, provide easy to read information on the street names, the drug’s appearance and effect on the mind and body, overdose effects, legal status, and origin.


  • Parents and caregivers also need to find out the facts about drugs, drug use and drug abuse. DEA’s parent website, www.GetSmartAboutDrugs.com, was developed to provide valuable drug education information for parents and caregivers to help identify their child’s drug use, drug paraphernalia, warning signs of abuse, and the harmful side effects of the most commonly abused drugs.

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